Monthly Archives: May 2013

Introducing Psychology Weekends

Last week I graduated law school! I am now a Doctor of Jurisprudence according to my huge, all-Latin degree that I can’t read. This would be more exciting—or at least more immediately gratifying—if the bar exam weren’t looming on the horizon. I start my bar prep right after Memorial Day and will be hidden away somewhere in a bunker for the next couple of months getting ready for three days of testing hell. During that time, I will probably transform into something even less human than law school has already made me. Worst of all, I will have little time or motivation to blog on legal things.

Well all of that isn’t very much fun at all. So here’s what I’m going to do: once a week, on either Saturday or Sunday, I’m going to post something about psychology. It might be in the realm of jury psychology but might be broader (e.g. the psychology of presuming guilt, errors in eyewitness identification, etc…). This serves a few purposes: (1) helps me keep up on the latest research in psychology, (2) gives me a ‘break’ from learning law for the bar, and (3) makes up for the deficit of psychology-related posts on this blog.

I’m excited! Get excited! Here we go!!

-Zachary Cloud