It Takes A Blizzard (To Get Me Blogging)

So…uh, yea. I’ve been a little absent the past few months. But with a blizzard about to hammer us here in Boston, I saw this as a great opportunity to do some writing.

There have been a lot of goings-on in the legal community that I probably should have tried to comment on. This year marks the 50th anniversary of Gideon v. Wainwright, which is the US Supreme Court holding that all US citizens have a right to appointed counsel in criminal cases even if they cannot afford to hire one. Notably, there is a documentary entitled Gideon’s Army that has been garnering a lot of praise. I’m eager to see it and perhaps share my own own thoughts on it.

There has also been further madness relating to the Drew Peterson trial. Apparently attorney Joel Brodsky has now filed a defamation suit. At this point, I’m not even phased by all the nonsense; I just expect it.

That DOJ memo purporting to explain how it’s legal to kill Americans without any sort of judicial proceeding has now leaked and has law bloggers somewhat abuzz. Though the press and mainstream America seem less interested. Apparently it’s hard to get lay people engaged in a single-spaced 16 page legal memo heavy on legal citations. Go figure.

And all of this is just the recent stuff. In other words, I think I’ll have to come to terms with the fact that my busy schedule has prevented me from writing on all the things I might have wanted to. However, I hope to use this looming storm as a chance to write a couple longer essays on matters that I’ve been contemplating a lot as of late. With an anticipated two feet of snow effectively shutting me in, it might be my only defense against going stir crazy.

-Zachary Cloud

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