Why I’ll take the Big Five over the Myers Briggs Personality Test Any Day

It seems like every time I turn around, some news outlet or online blog is talking about the Myers Briggs (MB) personality assessment. Most recently, talk has been focused on how employers have been using the MB to screen potential hires. Lay people seem to think it’s THE defining measure of personality traits.

It’s not.

In fact, it kinda sucks. It’s outdated and it forces dichotomies. Exhibit A: under MB you’re either an “extrovert” or “introvert.” Other, more accepted measures such as the Big Five (routinely used by clinical and research psychologists) work on a scale.

For example, the Big Five assesses a person on five dimensions: (1) openness, (2) conscientiousness, (3) extraversion, (4) agreeableness, and (5) neuroticism. These five items are measured on a sliding scale creating a more nuanced, gradation-based understanding of an individual’s personality. More detail, more fidelity.

Would you rather have grayscale or full color? Would you rather have 8 bit audio or 16 bit? Would you rather have standard def or HD? Do you get my point here?

You do?



Zachary Cloud

One response to “Why I’ll take the Big Five over the Myers Briggs Personality Test Any Day

  1. Scott Chanady

    The big five test is garbage. It doesn’t go into your personality at all except to say here’s where you are on a set of scales… Wtf does that even mean. Yeah I’ll take in depth analysis any day over that sad excuse of a personality test.

    Also mbti never said anyone was ever 100% anything weather extroverted or introverted. You were given a percentages for each trait, and you use all 8 cognitive functions but everyone has a natural preference for some over the others.

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