On Road Rage

Just some fun pop-psychology tonight: Boston road rage. Here’s an interesting list of pet peeves local drivers have. I’m proud to say I’m not guilty of most of these Boston driving pet peeves. Except for the failing to yield to others in a rotary (see #24). I’m definitely guilty of that one…

And the horn honking? Yea, I never understood the psychology behind that. Few indeed are the instances where honking is ever going to be useful. Guess people just feel the need to tell the world how they’re feeling.

Actually, I find the psychology behind these comments fascinating. I love how frequent the theme of spitefulness is. Why is it we feel the need to retaliate or ‘put people in their place’? What is it in our make-up that compels us to lash out / want to get even? Curious indeed…

-Zachary Cloud


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