Big Morning Tomorrow Here in Boston

For those of you following the various legal challenges to the Defense of Marriage Act (“DOMA”), the First Circuit is hearing oral arguments in the companion cases of Gill and Massachusetts v. US Dept. Health and Human Servs. Those arguments begin at 10:00 AM in the en banc courtroom on the 7th floor. The arguments should be especially notable since Paul Clement is arguing for Congress. He demonstrated why he’s one of the best appellate attorneys in the country last week during Supreme Court oral arguments in the health care cases.

Of course, I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention that the en banc re-hearing of United States v. Pleau, which I blogged about here and here, is immediately beforehand. That’s the case involving the Interstate Agreement on Detainers and habeas corpus. Read my previous posts for lots of info on the case.

I’ve been informed by one of the law clerks that audio of these arguments should be up tomorrow afternoon or thereabouts. That’s good since the DOMA cases are expected to cause quite a turn-out of people. My law clerk acquaintance reckons people will begin to line-up outside of the courthouse before it opens tomorrow morning. But hey, if you have the morning free, I’d highly recommend going.

-Zachary Cloud

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