The Interrupters: A Must-Watch Documentary

I love Chicago; it’s one of the greatest cities in the world. That said, I’m wholly ready to admit that the Second City suffers from one of the most serious gang problems our nation knows. The Interrupters is a documentary about a group of individuals—largely former gang members themselves—who actively seek to intervene or “interrupt” violent crime in some of Chicago’s most gang-ridden neighborhoods. It’s airing nationwide on February 14 on PBS and it is a must-watch.

It is especially a must-watch for those of us who believe in holistic defense. I think employing “violence interruption” techniques seems like a natural next step to what holistic defender organizations such as Rhode Island Public Defender and Bronx Defender are currently doing. Some food for thought…and perhaps for a future post. For now though, just mark your calendars. Watch The Interrupters on PBS or buy the DVD (or watch a live screening)!

-Zachary Cloud

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