Gallup Survey Suggests We Think Crime is on the Rise

Gallup released poll results today, which are a part of their annual Crime survey. The results can be found here.  To summarize, Americans (on average, of course) report that crime is increasing both nationally and in their local area.  Specifically, 60% of respondents said there was more crime nationally whereas 17% said there was less crime.  I have not studied their methodology in detail yet so I do not know where the other 23% is.  49% of respondents said crime was up in their area, as opposed to 30% who said crime was down.  Again, I don’t yet know what happened to the 21% missing.

As some of my readers may know, before coming to law school I did psychological research on jury decision-making.  A necessary companion to that research was a fairly advanced knowledge of statistics, survey methods, report measures, and the like.  Given that experience in statistical analysis, I feel comfortable embarking on a detailed analysis of the Gallup findings.  I hope to write up an article about them within the next couple of days.

Stay tuned!

-Zachary Cloud


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